Dev Diary, 03 Mar 2014: Sloading

Since the game is in pieces again now that we are putting together the skeleton of the single player game. I figured I’d put together a somewhat related little program. a viewer.

It is of course incomplete, and worse than that I had to really chop down the texture sizes to get it under 50 MB. The lovely table texture really suffers, but never mind. If you have the patience to wait a couple of minutes for the viewer to load up you can peruse through the characters in their current state. Some are obviously more finished than others, and Saban just snuck in there cause he’s a shifty low poly dude and can do that kind of stuff.

The whole thing just seemed appropriate after last weeks retro invasion. Do feel free to point out stuff like Meru’s hair not being finished, or the sentinels texture looking like… actually I’m not sure what that looks like really but it’ll get fixed eventually… probably.


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