Dev Diary, 09 January 2016: Happy New Year —-> Happy New Year

Welcome Back!

I’m talking to us obviously. It’s been a while since we’ve been here updating things. To the rest of you, happy new year!

As always, things go quiet on this site when all the screaming and running around with pants around ankles is going on in the real world. I’ll leave you to wonder if that was a metaphor or not.

2015 was a year. Stuff happened in that year. Some good, some bad, and much that everyone has already forgotten about. It was kind of like most years. We’re not done with it yet though so we’ve locked 2015 in the basement and we’re abusing it to get our money’s worth.

Most importantly for us in 2015 was that none of us died horribly. But also, the PC steam version of The Living Dungeon released back in October as planned and without a hitch.


OK. So there may have been a slight delay into November, and on top of that due to the huge myriad of different PC types there may have been a few really, really, really, annoying bugs for people with monitors that weren’t 1080p. We’d also missed a super awkward hard to find crash that was driving us crazy. Those bugs have now been dealt with using a magnifying glass.

Thankfully the community are generally a supportive bunch and we only got a couple of complaints. Most other people really enjoy the game and are looking forward to updates. Those are coming, and that’s why we’re getting back into talking about what we’re doing. We are super pleased to tell you that we are making good progress on a new feature; WEARABLE FISH!! We know. Unbelievable right? We can’t wait!

OK. So we were really talking about networking and it’s starting to come along. Here are a couple of screenshots that if you knew what they were would categorically prove that feet are now working in a network game.

Network_02 Network_01

YAAAAY! So network play on PC is happening! Speaking of networking. Don’t forget to do that social networking thing of following us on  twitterfacebook, and instagram. It should have been one of your new year’s resolutions.

We’ll talk again soon.

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