Dev Diary, 09 Sep 2013: Stitch’n time

Had a hectic time last week after getting back from Shang Hai. Lots of fun too. I’ve finished Retopoing and UV mapping the current character I’m working on as you can see above left. Doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you know what you are looking at. It’s safe to say that UV mapping is always an exercise in compromise. Do you want even texel distribution or do you want to minimize distortion? Should you give equal density to all parts of the mesh or prioritize the face and upper body? ¬† It’s never going to be completely perfect but you hide the seems and dirty bits as best you can. At any rate I’m hoping to get her all textured by the end of this week which should be ¬†nice. Then I think it’s on to Tyron (maybe) who is probably the most awkward of all the characters to build and retopo.

I also tidied up the code for my little Return Fire game and plonked it on the server. Wasn’t long before other people started playing with it, adding torches and lights and whatnot as you can see above right. I didn’t update the web version on accounts that trying to do it in the dark looks pretty but is also really difficult.

The last thing we managed to do was record a time lapse of a very fun game of Living Dungeon, but I’m not going to show you that just yet.

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