Dev Diary, 1 Jan 2015: A Whole New Something.

So Happy New year!

It’s that time when we burn all our bridges, sever ties to those who have wronged us, plan revenge, and dump those toxic people who drag us down.

Sometimes excuses are not enough. Sometimes what a person says isn’t really important, and what they do, or don’t do, shouts loudly over their words. Forgiveness can only work if that person has shown not just a willingness, but also an ability to change so that they can be a part of your life again. You can only turn the other cheek three times before before you are just adding to already inflicted wounds.

A new year is a chance to re-invigorate yourself for the battles you need to fight against those backstabbing scum that need to be cut out of your life like a festering wound before it destroys everything and consume you. Let your anger flow. Take their names down and let them know “I’m coming for you!”

Wait. Hold up a sec… Yeah. My bad. Just got informed new year is not about any of that stuff at all.

It’s actually about renewing friendships and remembering the good things that people have done for you, and forgiving mistakes, self improvement so that you can be a better person for others, and all those generally nice and pleasant things.

Nevermind. It was an easy mistake. I’m a burly Glaswegian so I’m violent and warlike by nature. Best just ignore my how to video on first footing people you don’t like.

Perhaps forget all that stuff I said at the start, and give someone you care about a hug instead.

Oh yeah! Stuff about the game. Here’s a picture of what I was just working on.


I never promised it would make any sense.

I’ve had enough of being nice this year so tough titties if you can’t understand it.

Damn it! No.

I meant Happy New Year! See you soon.


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