Dev Diary 13: Wear and Tear

The last couple of games were both brutal massacres with over a dozen deaths. They were both close games that went to sudden death, and they both ended with the usual result of Chantelle claiming victory over all of her colleagues. Whether it is by coming back from last place to clinch victory in sudden death or by pulling off daring escape moves and killing two opponents in a single turn, she certainly seems to have things figured out with her dominant strategy of ‘rolling exactly what she needs’.  Commiserations go out to unlucky Joe, Rew and Ben who narrowly missed out on victory after playing good matches.

So we have played the game a lot. To the point that all the pieces are getting a little dog eared. The good news is that everyone is still enjoying it. The bad news it that the digital version is still waiting to get under way properly.  We also have to decide on which platforms we should push the game, and which game modes to allow into the first version. Until then, we have to finish BOOMBA! and complete some work for a client we like.

Something is bound to happen at some point. See you then.

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