Dev Diary, 14 Nov 2013: First Playable

I’m later than expected posting a screenshot so it doesn’t look quite as terrible as it did, in fact, there is a slight danger of looking something like a board game now. Currently nobody can actually win, you just go round and perpetually slaughter each other forever, but it’s playable and you can actually have a good game… if you know the rules.

There is still a fair bit of a way to go however and we are aware of the many many tasks still ahead of us… I mean seriously! There is no mug of ale on that table.

Ok. So we are also missing effects, some A.I. functions for the DM, and board peice animations etc etc, but it’s definately getting there.

And yes, that is a gigantic table of A.I. pathfinding heuristics up in the corner.

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