Dev Diary 14: Well It’s About Time

With BOOMBA! taking off the way it did we had to step back from other stuff and give it a little love.

We’ve got that under control now and things are moving along happily. Contract work is being tied up and it’s time to get on with the cool stuff. We’re still going to be updating BOOMBA! I imagine for as long as people are interested in playing it, but that’s no longer a full time job.

On the board game front, it’ pretty knackered now after over two years of play, but it’s still working and we’re still enjoying it. There have been some pretty great games as of late and hopefully we’ll get a chance to stop motion record one in the near future.

As for the video game. We’ve made some headway into assets now and to prove it, here’s Aralynne (pictured above). She’s the first player character we actually modeled and you can look at her outfit a little more in the gallery. There are actually a couple more models done now but we’ll reveal those in due course (The Wretched next week perhaps). We’ve decided that we are going to use unity for this project for a number of reasons which I won’t go into, but it has also opened up our options for which platform to put the game on. PC and WiiU were our first thoughts but out of nowhere we’ve started talking to someone else who are currently being both friendly and efficient. ┬áSo we could be in for some interesting changes in the next few months. Time will tell.


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