Dev Diary, 17 April 2015: Sometimes things go wrong!

The title says it all really. When you make games. Stuff goes wrong.

In the particular instance above we were recording some of the level transitions to add sound and ambience to, unfortunately Ben’s software also recorded the music he was listening to in the background. The results are not that great for the actual task, but they are incredibly daft and amusing.

There was another time when Chantelle flew around the board head first like a torpedo. I’m talking about the avatar rather than the programmer in case you wondered.

We’ve also had other bugtastic moments such as Sajotir’s spear having his face on it. Tyron glowing like he was radioactive, various characters moonwalking, people occupying the same square to create weird hideous monsters, the camera disappearing up a lizards bum hole, and the DM being incredibly nice and helpful…

And of course crashes, LOTS of crashes.

Don’t worry though, we’ve fixed all those bugs and created entirely new ones. In fact we make new bugs almost every day. That would be a good thing if we were doing Goat Simulator but we’re not. We should probably get a few of them fixed.

In other news, I got some more super glue and a packet of cream crackers.

See you soon.

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