Dev Diary, 20 Aug 2013: Sajotir

Here is a first pass Sajotir, often just called Jo by his friends. He’s a happy lizard but not quite a finished one. He still needs a fair bit of touching up, scratching and detailing, as well as symbols such as the temporary one on his chest, and his magical spear for that matter which needs to be procedurally generated. That will all have to wait for later though because my schedule only allowed 1.5 days for his first pass texture so¬†for now this is all he’s getting.

Before the second pass we do need to make a bunch of decisions as well. Do we allow coloured specular or is that overkill? Same goes for sub-dermal. Probably not is the sensible answer to both of these but you can’t do nice bronze without the first and really nice skin requires the second. It may depend on what the final platform is. That is currently still PC and WiiU but since the project is Unity based and the controls are designed to work on anything, we can change our minds if we want to. Of course there is also the matter of whether the camera will ever get close enough to the models to warrant such detail.

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