Dev Diary, 22 Aug 2014: Happy Birthday


It’s our birthday this week! YAAAAAAAAAY!  (Dammit! There is no cake in that picture!)

I don’t just mean ‘our’ in the collective sense either.  This week is Chantelle’s birthday, my birthday, and RadiationBurn’s birthday.

Our little game dev studio is 4 years old as of the 23rd. Chantelle and I are both a bit older than that though so we can pick on it and steal it’s birthday sweeties. Also, send RadiationBurn birthday sweeties. It has mysteriously run out.

In other news. We may have actually managed to fill out all our forms for Eurogamer. Forms are pretty much our arch nemesiseseseses, but they’re done for this, so in theory you’ll be happy and able to play the game at Eurogamer, assuming a zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen before then, or some devious soul superglues your feet to the floor. It could happen.

BUT… Assuming the world doesn’t end and you can physically make it to the event, you totally should because it’s almost definitely the best board game to video game conversion of all time. Although, I might be biased as the game and I have had a personal relationship and perhaps I should recuse myself from reviewing the game.

In the name of full disclosure, that last bit was a dirty underhanded joke about this weeks events in the indie gaming community. Also in the name of full disclosure, I’m not even in the office today. I’m slacking off and building pieces of metal into my cosplay costume. More on that later because-


Richard Craig of Richard Craig fame, came along and decided to be kind enough to help with some of the character textures. He’s a real artist made entirely of colours and shapes. He also has a beanie surgically attached to his skull.

I think he took pity on me when he found me crying in the gutter in the rain. At the time I was heartbroken as little Jimmy the battle snail had just been crushed by a vengeful war mantis and washed away down the gutter. I lost 20p on that fight. It was devastating.

I’ll spout more nonsense at a later date. Bye for now.

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