Dev Diary, 23 Jan 2014: Meru, Saban, and the unfinished masses.

Well look who it is. Yeah, it’s that person.

I finally got round to finishing the Meru model, so now that means it needs retopoing and then texturing and skinning and all that malarkey. But one day it’ll be all nice and in game. I just wanted to show that she did exist. Even if she isn’t fiished by a long shot. That’s actually true of all the characters. Aralynne and Sajotir both need their particle stuff done. Chantelle needs all her shiny trims and details added, and Rojeff has no stuff. He needs his throwing blades and his pouches, plus I’m still not happy with his tattoo.

All that aside however, I figured i should mention the baby faced dude on the right. That’s Saban. He was our test character and gets no love at all the poor fellow. So I figured I’d at least mention him. Whether he gets binned or upgraded is currently a mystery. Perhaps one that no one cares about. Poor little Saban. Why do you all have to be so mean to Saban! SHEESH!

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