Dev Diary, 25 Nov 2013: Getting Insomnia


Things are going well. bugs are being fixed and new artwork is getting done. The camera um… needs work, but that’ll get fixed tomorrow. Just for the sake of progression I’ve put up a newer pic of the game running. Things are already different from that one but it’ll give you an idea. We now have the barbarian Rojef in there, a few more effects are added and most importantly the actual logic for winning a game now works.

Wait! That’s not” most importantly”… ¬†We’ve actually been given a couple of demo slots at the Insomnia Gaming Event in Telford.

You can play our 2D physics shooter “BOOMBA!” at the event also, but never mind that! This will be your very first chance to get hands on with the Living Dungeon game. So go on, give it a whirl and then let us know what you think.


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