Dev Diary, 27 June 2016: Well look at that!


Given the timing of this post I imagine a lot of people might expect us to talk about Brexit. It’s an anti-climatic thing that happened and now we pretty much need to get on and try to do the best we can going forward. Ok. Moving on…

More importantly than that, or maybe not but certainly more excitingly. The Steam Summer sale is now on with huge discounts on loads of games that you can purchase and then never play. We would of course much prefer you to play our game than not, especially with friends because everyone likes killing their friends. The Living Dungeon has of course plenty of ways to do that, including kicking them down a hole, and shouting “THIS IS SPARTA!!!!” The shouting is optional and you can of course shout other things such as “Goodbye, Come again!” or simple “Ooo-er it looks rather dark down there.”

That Sparta quote makes me think the game has a lack of beards… Anyway, I hope you lot all know how to kill your friends by now. It should also be getting easier with the recent update and the next one to follow. I’m not going to tell you exactly what those are but you could go check it out for yourself.

Enough of this for now. Follow us on social media links such as  twitterfacebook, and instagram. Or else face the full force of empty threats made in jest.

Tell all of your friends to buy the game today or I will appoint an otter to maul your nipples!

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