Dev Diary, 27 March 2015: Meh. Everyone’s dead!


I was planning to talk about plastic things or some concept art today, but I’m not finished making the plastic things yet, the concept art thing will require a bit of preparation time that I just don’t have right now, and above all else, I’m just not in the mood.

As you can see, all the characters in the game died so now we have to start again from scratch. Our new characters are going to be all generic faceless genderless knights that look like they couldn’t move, yet their only animation will be a cartwheel. Just because.

Wait! I just remembered that in games people can respawn. Phew! That’s convenient. Thought I was in trouble for a minute.

On a serious note for as long as I can hold one, I love this game. It plays great and it looks fantastic. I’m very proud of it and everyone who has helped get it this far, but today I’m just not feeling like celebrating anything. Every developer has those days. Those days when even though you love your job, your project, and the people you work with, it’s just hard to be upbeat about the huge list of things that you want to accomplish but just aren’t seeming to make a dent in. This week has pretty much been like that, and I hope everyone who has worked on a big project can relate.

So to make me feel better I killed everyone. That’s what the picture is. I made the skeleton faces to replace the “greyed out when you are dead” images, as those just weren’t morbid enough. I just felt like putting them all on pikes and letting out a huge internal sigh as I wind down what has been a difficult week.

Feel free to try and figure out who’s who. Some are more obvious than others. A couple require a little knowledge of anatomy. More difficult than all of that however, is the fact that very, very, very, very few people actually know any of the character’s names.  I will accept amusing descriptions in place of names, and there’s a little prize for the first person who gets them all correct from left to right. (Disclaimer. It will not be a good prize. It will be distinctly, and deliberately rubbish.)

Next Dev Diary you’ll get plastic or concept art. I promise!



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