Dev Diary, 31 Oct 2013: Pieces

Happy Halloween everybody. Here’s some costume ideas.

I figured since It has been a while since my last post that I should actually show you something that looks nice: Some of the board game pieces from board game mode. Sadly, Sajotir hasn’t been skinned yet and Rojeff is also going to take another couple of weeks to be ready I imagine, but progress generally is good.

Code keeps getting done and sometimes redone . That’s normal as Chantelle will often figure out a better way of doing something and then break everything before rebuilding it better.

We’re actually getting close to a first playable and that’s exciting, although not in the usual way. Normally you get so far into a project and have a nail biting moment when things are coming together and you’re wondering “will this work”. Since this is a board game that we’ve played for over two years that isn’t an issue. Instead of the game mechanics we have to focus on presentation, accessibility, controls, and visuals. Those are the things that are going to take the time. It’s still going to be great the first time we all sit down around the TV and play the game rather than around the table.

As contrast to this weeks flashy post, I think I’ll show you just how crappy it currently looks in game next.


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