Dev Diary, 4 September 2015: Finishing Touches


It’s the fourth of September so you all know what that means!

You don’t?

Me neither actually. I was hoping someone could tell me. Maybe it’s not that important. One sec and I’ll check Wikipedia…

Turns out that’s the day the electrical age began. That’s kinda cool. I’m still kinda waiting for the space age to get off the ground. Metaphorically of course because rockets managed the literal part of that before this so called ‘space age’ even began. The space age was pretty much just humanity dipping it’s toe into the vast ocean of the universe. Are we still into the ‘computer age’ now? or have we moved on to the ‘selfie age’ or something?

Anyway. This week there have been plenty of little bug fixes(and a couple of large ones,) and I’ve been doing some extra little pictures for the credits. You have different endings in the story mode of The Living Dungeon depending on how well you do. They are nice pictures too, but I’m not going to show you any of them because you are all just undeserving bad people, or maybe I’m just a bad person, or maybe the real reason is that I dislike spoilers. Regardless, you can make do with some screenshots which are kinda pretty anyway.

Oh go on. Have a spoiler free picture of Sir Chillington as well.


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See you next week.


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