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The Living Dungeon is a turn-based, board game currently being developed in to a video game by Radiation Burn, a small games studio in Middlesbrough. The game will be releasing in the later part of the year on Xbox One and Steam/PC. Supporting up to nine players, a single player campaign and four multiplayer modes, each player has five dice and two minutes to complete their objective each round. Their objective usually being to kill as many other players as possible.

The five dice the players roll dictate the actions they can perform¬†that round (such as stab a player, jump over a hole, or rotate a tile piece), but you can also get cards which give you one off actions (such as teleport to an adjacent tile or steal other player’s gems). It’s extremely difficult to stay alive when you’re under a two minute time limit, but don’t worry, it’s easy to get your own back if someone stabs you in the back. You can check out our trailers for the game at our website [thelivingdungeon.com].

It’s taken two years for us to make The Living Dungeon, which isn’t surprising considering we’ve only got two people working at Radiation Burn! Graham Stewart is the man in charge, but when he’s trying to avoid filling in forms, he’s the one who’s creating all the shiny artwork and 3D models in the game. Chantelle Porritt’s official job title is “Slaughter Coordination Engineer” which can be roughly translated to coder. We’ve had plenty of help along the way though from additional coders to sound engineers to testers. But what made it even easier for us was the fact that The Living Dungeon was originally a physical board game we made, and thanks to the many years of playing it every Friday afternoon, we’ve pretty much solidified the rules and mechanics which make The Living Dungeon, The Living Dungeon.

Alongside the release of the video game version, we’ve also been working on a Kickstarter to bring you your own copy of the actual board game. And if you back us, we’ll give you a copy of the video game too! (Check out our Kickstart here [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/927742767/the-living-dungeon (if this is print.. actually print link ;))]

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