Totally Not a Dev Diary. 2 April 2015: Easter with Strus!


I promised last week that I’d talk about concept art or plastic in the next Dev Diary. So that’s why I’m categorising this as ‘not a dev diary’.

OK! OK! Stop crying. I’ll give you a little. Firstly. I did make a picture that was Eastery themed. That should count as concept art right? I mean Easter is a concept, and the image is debatably art.

Yes. I am aware that is a stru, and that strus exist in a fantasy universe that does not celebrate Easter, Being fair though, lots of people don’t know the story of Easter,¬†or at least the standard version of it. Some might know bits and bobs but if you try and incorporate all of the bits together I’m not sure it works out.

Jesus was a special man that made miracles. He fell in love with a rabbit and they made sweet love. Through the miracle of hocus pocus, that rabbit started laying eggs, and those eggs were made of chocolate. These rabbits bred and multiplied, and are now farmed to produce tasty eggs for a number of large confectionery corporations. Some of these rabbits have even been genetically modified or selectively bred so that they produce unusual eggs filled with a sweet gooey middle, or even huge eggs that tear the poor bunny from navel to anus upon laying.

That’s roughly what Easter is all about I think.

So yeah. Here’s a 25mm base version of Sajotir.


Also. Here is a picture of my lunch (Partially eaten)


Happy Easter and stuff! See you next week.

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