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Blurby bit about the game

Bring the excitement of playing a dungeon tournament board game to your screen, in beautiful gruesome detail on Xbox One and Steam. Roll your five action dice and use those actions wisely. You have two minutes. There really is nothing quite like The Living Dungeon.

Up to 9 players can take part in a battle of wits, luck and skulduggery. Survive other adventurers, monsters, and the dungeon itself through combat, agility or dungeon manipulation. Only the strongest, fastest and smartest survive.

For those people somehow not satisfied with just killing their friends repeatedly. They can also play by themselves, or with a friend through a 30 hour story mode and see who lives. It’s really, really hard to get the good ending though. So just keep a tissue handy in case your favourite character bites the dust,

Pointy bullet features

  • Unique Gameplay: Mix Tactics, luck and wit to outplan and out manoeuvre your enemies. Kill them, or help them kill themselves.


  • Scope: a thirty hour story mode, 4 local or online multiplayer modes including Assassination, Head Hunter, Random Assassination, and Escape mode. All of that and you only need one controller.


  • Replay Value: The board layouts are generated randomly, so with A.I. biases and dice involved, no two games will ever be the same.


  • Drop In/Out Multiplayer: Oh no! Phone call in the middle of an epic game with 8 players! It’s ok. You can switch your character onto A.I. mode temporarily. You don’t have to stop the game.


  • Double Style: Play the game in a nasty evil dungeon, or a friendlier board game in a tavern. Two visual stylings to suit your mood.


  • Control The Dungeon: Your little sister came in and wants to join in right in the middle of an epic match. Why not let her take over the dungeon. That way you can bribe her to ensure your victory.


  • That’s Enough: You don’t need any more bullet points because this is a totally different experience and great fun. It’s also quite pretty.


About RadiationBurn

We persistently pick hard fights and make things that are way fancier than we should. RadiationBurn is 1 guy and 1 gal working away somewhere in the North of England, but thankfully we have cool friends who’ve aided us in our ridiculous quest.

Chantelle’s official title, is slaughter co-ordination engineer, but when making games she mostly does the code. Graham, does other stuff.


This game is a bit weird. Where did it come from?

Well first of all we made a board game for fun. Then it turned out to be great fun so we played it almost every week for 2 years, then someone came into the office, played it, and pointed out the obvious. We made video games, so we should make it into a video game. 2 years later. Tada!




Press who’ve played it say this.

Brash Games  9/10
“It’s unbelievably well-balanced. Fanatically designed mechanics for satisfying, intelligent play. So much fun.”

This is Xbox  8.5/10
“If you are a fan of the old tabletop games like SpaceHulk and Hero Quest then this is definitely for you”

La Orbita Del Jugon 8.1/10
“Spend class sleepless nights with your friends playing fantasy games with beer in hand!”

Xbox Review site 8/10
“The multiplayer is really fun”

Gamer Guys and Gals 8.3/10
“Highly recommend this game for table top,board game, and multiplayer lovers.”

The Anchor Reviews 8.6/10
“When a game gets going, it can end up being properly entertaining too.”

Shmee.Me  No score but in depth very positive review.
“The Living Dungeon is a lot of fun, and a great game to pick up if you love board games.”

Random people who played our game at events love it. Here’s what a few steam users had to say.

“Awesome game can’t wait to be able to play again” – Waylander_TC

“Just played at EGX – cool game. Could see me and a few friends losing a lot of hours to this game for sure! Definitely worth a thumbs up!” – jerobolod

“Great, fun, nice looking game, played it today at EGX!” – Solivagant

“Played it a Eurogamer! Really fun with friends.” – Strika2000

“I saw this at Eurogamer, was instantly enthralled with the idea: full support!” – Caemdare

“Saw this game at EXG today and talked to the dev, love the ideas and the mechanics.” – KnH

“Met these guys EGX and loved their game and they were really nice people too….Bonus :D” – hybrid1969




Download more screenshots in the Living Dungeon Art Assets Pack






Players: 1-9 (hotseat, so only one controller required)

Single player length: About 30 hours, if you don’t die too much.

Platforms Xbox One, Steam, and others that remain unannounced.

Origin: It was an actual board game first.
















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